Linux x86-64 Assembly Tutorial (part 2)

Introduction Welcome to the second installment of the 64-bit Linux assembly tutorial. If you have not yet read part one of this tutorial, you can do so here. If you have read it, I hope that you enjoyed it. We will be covering networking, debugging, optimizing, endianness, and analogous C... [Read More]

Linux x86-64 Assembly Tutorial (part 1)

Introduction After finally getting around to playing with 64-bit assembly recently, I wanted to share the knowledge since there does not seem to be many tutorials out there surprisingly. The available information is mostly scattered between AMD64 programming manuals, assembler documentation, code snippets on the Web, and system call tables... [Read More]

Humble Beginnings with Jekyll

A Fresh Start

This is my first post using Beautiful Jekyll hosted by GitHub Pages. I originally used Blogger casually in 2014. In the spring of 2020, I stopped using Blogger and archived several of my technical writeups. I plan to port the information contained in these documents to pages on this site.... [Read More]
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